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  1300 and 1800 Number Routing Options - Geographic
1300 and 1800 Number Routing Options - Geographic

Geographic Routing Options for 1300 and 1800 Numbers.

Due to the fact that 1300 and 1800 numbers operate on a virtual network and are directed to a destination phone, there are a number of features available that normal mobile and landline services just can't offer. This includes Geographic routing. Geographic routing gives you the ability to route a call to the business via your 1300 or 1800 number to a specifc destination depending on where the call is coming from.    


Australia Wide Routing - (A single call area)

This configuration is as simple as it sounds. When a customer call your business, no matter where they are calling from in Australia, they are routed to the one answering point. This is the most common and default configuration for all customer's services on Inbound Numbers Australia.


State Based Routing - (8 individual call ares)

Moving on from the Australia based routing, State based routing gives you the ability to group calls from each state and treat them differently. There are 8 different areas being the 6 Australian States and 2 Territories. There are a number of flexible options available once you have set this product up and it is useful for customers operating across various locations in different states. For example: you are running a business that has a NSW office and a WA office. You can route all the calls from NSW, Vic, and QLD to be answered in your NSW office and all the calls from SA and WA to be answer in the WA office.


Exchange Service Area Routing - (4942 individual call areas)

This is very similar to State based routing but gives you the flexibility of working with much smaller areas. Breaking the country into smaller pieces of pie (so to speak). This product is great for businesses like pizza chains that advertise with one national number (1300 PIZZA) but have stores delivering to set suburbs. Exchange Service Area Routing allows calls from only the surrounding exchange areas to route to each store. This ensures that customers automatically call their closest store and the pizza are less likely to get cold.

Postcode Routing is an extention of Exchange Based Routing. The only difference is that the call collection areas can be selected via post codes instead of exchange areas.


All of the geographical routing options can be set up with your Inbound Numbers Australia 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers - for greater detail on what routing option would suit your business Contact Us. We are here to help you.  

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