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  1800 Number Benefits For Your Business
1800 Number Benefits For Your Business

What are the benefits of having 1800 numbers?

There are many benefits for your business to utilise either a 1800 Number or a "Local Call" Number. The main benefit of a 1800 number is to make it easy for your customers to contact you from anywhere in the country.


Company Image

  • Having a dedicated 1800 number creates a professional image for your business.
  • 1800 numbers express to potential customers that the business is established and operates across national markets. 
  • 1800 numbers are simple to use and effectively add to the credibility of your company. 
  • A 1800 number only has 6 digits to remember. A 10 digit landline or mobile number is not always easy to remember and can make it harder for your customers to remember your business.
  • No matter how large or small your business is a 1800 number gives your customers only 1 number to contact you across the nation. 

Customer Service

  • A 1800 Number allows your customers to see your focus on Customer Service
  • Encourage your customers to call you. 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers can make it free or cheaper for customers to call you from across the country.
  • Making it easier and cheaper for customers to call you will generally mean more calls to your 1800 number.

Relocation - Growth - Expansion

  • A 1800 number makes relocating easy. You can maintain the same number even if you change towns, states or move overseas.
  • Relocating with a 1800 number saves you changing phone numbers, and eliminates costly redirections or re-printing costs, but most importantly maintains customer contact.
  • 1800 numbers are non-geographic and remove the prejudice some customers may have to only call businesses where they recognise the phone number being in their own suburb, area or state. This increases the customer base of your company.
  • 1800 numbers give the flexibility for growth with the stability of your contact information. 

Effective Marketing and Advertising

  • A 1800 number can increase responses to marketing and advertising.
  • Calls to 1800 numbers can be analysed to show how well your advertising is working.
  • A 1800 number establishes a competitive edge over your competitors who only advertise a local or mobile phone number.


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