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Inbound Features


Customised Call Barring

While most companies get inbound numbers to allow customers from all over Australia to reach you, sometimes it makes sense to restrict some call types.

You may be operating a company in Melbourne and it is not feasible for you to send product to Western Australia. This feature gives you the ability to block calls with the prefix of 089.

Australia Wide Routing

This is as simple as it sounds. All calls nationwide are routed to the one answering point. This is the most common configuration.

State Based Routing

This type of routing gives you the ability to group calls from each state and treat them differently. For example: calls from Victoria can be answered in Melbourne during business hours and then answered in Perth after hours if you wish. There are a number of flexible options available once you have set this product up.

Exchange Service Area Routing

This is very similar to State based routing but gives you the flexibility of working with much smaller areas. This product is great for businesses like pizza chains that advertise with the one national number but have stores delivering to set suburbs.

Exchange Service Area Routing allows calls from only the surrounding exchange areas to route to each store. This ensures that customers automatically call their closest store and the pizzas are less likely to get cold.

Postcode Routing

This works in a very similar fashion to Exchange Based Routing. The only difference is that the call collection areas can be selected via post codes instead of exchange areas.

Call Splaying

Calls can be spread across multiple answering points based on volume rules – not geography.

For Example. You might have two call centres - one with 20 staff and the other with 40 staff. Call Volume Routing would be set to deliver one third of the calls to the first centre and two thirds to the second centre.

Call Overflow

As the name suggests Call Overflow allows calls that are not picked up on the primary number to overflow to a secondary answering point.

Overflow can be set to divert if the primary number is busy or on not answered.

Time of Day Routing

Another self-explanatory feature. At a set time calls are diverted through to a secondary answering point. This secondary answering point could be in another time zone or simply an after hours call centre.

Day of Week Routing

Very similar to Time of Day Routing. Calls are routed to different locations based on the day of the week.

Day of Year Routing

This service is very similar to Time of the Day and Day of the Week routing. Calls can be directed to an alternate answering point based on the day of the year. This is used to ensure calls are captured on public holidays, etc.

Selected Caller Routing

This is a sneaky one. You can actually program special numbers to be answered at an alternative answering point. This is often used to isolate VIP customers to ensure they are given special attention.

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