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  Easy to find - Your customers can find you in all places
Easy to find - Your customers can find you in all places

Customers are now spread everywhere!

With the explosion of online internet search via Google and Yahoo it is possible for customers to find you from any location. All of a sudden even small businesses are getting enquiries from interstate and even overseas for their products and services.While email is a popular form of communications for customers faraway – what happens if they want to talk to a live person to discuss things in detail?

Who are they going to call? A long distance number – a mobile number or a LOCAL number???

In today’s competitive market it is vital that you allow potential and existing customers to communicate with you freely. Inbound numbers allow customers to call your business from long distance locations for free or the cost of a local call.

Who are long distance customers going to call?

1800 Services

1800 are by far the most effective inbound marketing tool. Why? – Because it is FREE for customer to call you from anywhere Australia, when they us a fixed line phone.

1300 Services

1300 are by far the most popular form of inbound service in Australia. This is because they are so cost effective compared to 13 and 1800 services.

With 1300 numbers customers pay an untimed 25c each time they phone a 1300 number from any fixed line telephone anywhere in Australia. If the customer is within your local area the call is free for to the 1300 number owner for the first 20 minutes. As most customers are local, and the average call is only a couple of minutes long, operating a 1300 service is surprisingly cheap.

13 Inbound

13 numbers are designed for those companies that are totally dependant on phone sales and service. 13 numbers are a must for corporations with large consumer customer bases or companies that advertise on radio and TV where the audience do not have time to write down a 10 digit number. The big advantage is the short 6 digit number – they are always easy to remember. Make your Large Business look like a corporation – make your corporation far more efficient.

International Toll Free Service

Now customers can call you from overseas without paying international rates. International Toll Free Services are the cheapest way of expanding your business overseas.

Are you already receiving international enquiries via your website?

Do your existing customers travel and need to keep in touch with you?

An International Toll Free Service is the answer.

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